ASSA Salon de bien-etre japonais

In the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, walk through the doors of ASSA and find yourself in a traditional auberge in the country of the Rising Sun. In an atmosphere of natural purity and refined simplicity, learn the true meaning of omotenashi, the Japanese word for hospitality.

Well-being and relaxation are two pillars of Japanese culture and a part of everyday life in Japan. With this awareness as a guiding principle of life, the Japanese are known for their longevity and health, for their youth and their features, which continue well into advanced age

At ASSA, which in Japanese refers to purity and the natural comfort of linen, a team of qualified practitioners puts you calmy at ease and shares with you the secrets of the art of living in Japan.
Each session of Shiatsu massage is to rebalance and restore. This traditional Japanese technique will be accompanied by personalized advice on anti-aging and will allow the restoration of the precious balance between body and mind.

From the charm of a peaceful rue on Paris’ Rive gauche, treat yourself to a voyage extraordinaire to Japan, and experience a moment of complete relaxation.


ASSA offers Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese manual therapeutic technique using finger pressure on the entire body. Shiatsu (shi means "fingers"and atsu "pressure") and is derived from Eastern medicine, which aims at both prevention but also treatment of various organic and functional disorders. The practitioner attempts to restore the balance and flow of vital energy.

The many benefits of Shiatsu include:
- reducing stress and tension
- strengthening the immune system
- relieving backache
- restoring balance and the normal functioning of the body
- improving physical and mental well-being and deep relaxation